Milk’s Favorite Cupcake

Are you a twister or a dunker?

That’s the question when it comes to Oreos. The way you eat an Oreo says something about who you are. Kraft set out to survey 2,000 Oreo eaters to find out if there is a correlation between how someone eats the Oreo and personality type. I personally love to dunk my Oreo into a nice, cold glass of milk. Just talking about it makes me crave “Milk’s Favorite Cookie.”

Screenshot (110)
Kraft 2004 Oreo Eater Survey.

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Happy Earth Day!

I love the Earth and I always try to do my part to be Eco-friendly. I am totally a sucker for any product that is environmentally friendly. Anything recycled or reusable, I gravitate towards those products.

I found these baking essentials at Fresh & Easy and they are amazing! Not only are they up to baking standard awesomeness, but they are “compostable” and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified.

Eco Friendly Baking
Baking With Mother Nature In Mind.

Always looking for my just dessert,

Julie ♥

*All photos by yours truly 🙂


Delicious Chocolate Brownie Recipe to Love

Warm chocolatey goodness that melts in your mouth is exactly what you imagine when I say “brownies.” I present to you the absolute-best, brownie recipe I have ever tried. It’s chewy, chocolaty, and full of deliciousness.

Brownies made their first appearance in the late 19th century when Bertha Palmer, a Chicago socialite, asked her pastry chef to create a portable chocolate dessert. Dessert lovers around the world can thank the unknown chef for the creation of the brownie.

Looks and Tastes Good Even Before the Baking.

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Gateway Cookie

The cookie that started it all.

On one fateful day at age 13, I decided I was going to make cookies. It was as easy as that. I had flour and eggs. Cookie dough needed flour and eggs, right? So I set out to use my limited knowledge of cookies to make something…anything. After ruining our kitchen and three hours of trial and error, I made what I called fingerprint peanut butter cookies. My thumbs were too small to make thumbprint cookies, so I used three fingers to flatten my cookies. They weren’t the best, but my family knew it could only get better from there. I set out to perfect my cookie baking skills, and a few years later, I perfected my “FAMOUS” CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES (both in milk chocolate and white chocolate).

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