Shout Whoopee For Whoopie Pies!!

YEAAAHH! Whoopie Pies!!
YEAAAHH! Whoopie Pies!!

Whoopie pies are just as exciting as their names. When I indulge in this mini sweet treat, my taste buds shout “Whoopie!” I’m pretty sure that’s why they are called whoopie pies.

The whoopie pie is also Maine’s official state treat. Lucky Mainers — they get a yummy treat and have fun saying it. 😛

Whoa, Mainers Got It Good. Whoopie Pies For All.

The great thing about this Red Velvet whoopie pies recipe is that it uses melted chocolate chips along with unsweetened cocoa powder. It added a more creamy texture to the outer cookie.

Chopped Chocolate Chips To Make The Cookies More Delicious.

*A tip when making whoopie pies is to flatten the dough before putting into the oven. With a dampened finger or fingers, you gently push the center of the dough ball and shape the sides as best as you can.*

DSC_0577 (2)
They’re Semi-Circles Right?

After baking the red velvet cookies for about eight minutes, check them by gently pushing the centers of the cookies and make sure they spring back against the pressure of your finger. We don’t want a hard cookie for the bases of a whoopie pie — then they’d be called hockey puck pies.

DSC_0590 (2)
A Beautiful Red For Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.

While the cookies cool on a wire rack, it is time to make the cream cheese filling. When the filling is whipped up, refrigerate the mixture until you’re reading to assemble all of the cookies. Remember that each pie needs two cookies, so make sure you have an even amount.

I placed the filling in a piping bag because it was more convenient to store and fill the pies. Pipe or frost the filling onto a cookie and find another cookie similar in shape to top it off.

Piping In The Filling Is So Much Easier.

With this recipe, refrigerate the pies 30 minutes before serving to have optimum taste bud awesomeness.

Deliciousness Up Close.


All In A Row And Ready To Go.

I also went ahead and tried out Food Network’s original whoopie pie recipe. This one is a chocolate cookie outside with a toasted marshmallow inside.

For the filling, this whoopie pie doesn’t need much. It only needs large fluffy marshmallows to finish off these pies. Once the cookies are out of the oven, let them cool for two to three minutes and place half of the cookies back onto the tray. Then, place the large marshmallows onto the center of the cookies. (I put them on their sides so that when they spread out, there would be enough filling to reach the edges.)

Up Close And Personal With A Marshmallow.

*Be careful when placing the tray into the oven. The marshmallows like to roll around.*

Keep the marshmallows and cookies in the oven for about three minutes, or until they expand and brown a little.

All Puffed Out.

Take the tray out and place the other half of the cookies onto the toasted marshmallows. I gently pushed them down and twisted them. When I didn’t twist them, the top cookie fell off and I had a sad, one-sided whoopie pie.

Toasted Marshmallow Center

These cookies were delicious, and the ooey, gooey, sweet marshmallows were worth the mess. My sister and I had marshmallow all over our faces while trying to eat these.

Making You Salivate Aren’t They?

There are many other different types of whoopie pies, and I stumbled across recipes for s’mores whoopie pies, an Oreo whoopie pie and a chocolate peanut butter whoopie pie.  I found them all on

With summer coming up and graduation season upon us, these cute mini desserts are perfect for a graduation party, a summer party, a Fourth of July party or just about any summer event you can think of. They would go great with any theme, and because there are so many different types, there’s a flavor for everyone.

I Want A Real Whoopee, Not A Sarcastic One.
No Need For Sarcasm, You All Can Have One Too.


Stay tuned to see where baking and desserts will lead me next.

Always looking for my little piece of heaven,

Julie ♥

*All photos by yours truly 🙂


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    • I’m so glad I could change your mind. A picture is worth a thousand words but tasting the real thing can change you. Can’t wait until you try them 🙂


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