Cookies & Baseball

Baseball Intro2
It’s Baseball Season!


The sun is out, the grass is green, and the air is crisp. Its baking season…who am I kidding? Its always baking season, but baseball season is here.

Baseball season is in full swing on all levels, and it’s great. I’m not a die hard baseball fan, but I enjoy watching and love playing the game. Cal Poly Pomona’s Baseball team has earned the No. 1 seed in the West in NCAA division 2. So obviously that means I have a perfect reason to bake cute cookies. Cute cookies never need a reason, but it gave me ideas on how I make my cookies.

I wanted to bake for the baseball team and their coaches to wish them luck and congratulate them for being the CCAA champions. It would make them happy, and I am also ecstatic when people enjoy what I bake. So I thought to myself, how can I make a regular cookie extraordinary?

My twist on this cookie combined a chocolate chip cookie and a frosted sugar cookie.

White Chocolate Dipped Baseball Cookies
White Chocolate Dipped Baseball Cookies.


First, I used a regular white chocolate chip cookie recipe but didn’t add the chips into the batter. Instead I decided to have the white chocolate on top of the cookie. So it is still a white chocolate chip cookie but without the chips. Everybody is happy.

I used Wilton Candy Melts because they are easy to use and work with. They also look good when they cool. These candy melts are microwavable and only takes a minute or two to completely melt depending on how much you need. Wilton provides a variety of colors to help create exactly what you want.

White Red Candy Melts.


Place Into a Microwave Safe Bowl.
Place Into a Microwave Safe Bowl.

After the cookies cooled off, I then dipped them in a bowl of the melted white chocolates.

Smoothed Out With a Spoon.


After the chocolate on the cookies had time to cool off, then it’s time to add on the red stitching. I used the Wilton Melt-N-Decorate Bottle to help pipe on the stitching, because what’s a baseball without it stitching? It won’t be the 108 stitches like on a regulation ball but just enough to transform a cookie into a baseball.

Red Candy Melts in a Wilton Melt-N-Decorate Bottle.


This bottle is really useful because it allows you to avoid the mess of melting decorative chocolates and then transfer into a piping bag.

Tried Many Variations of Baseball Designs.


I tried out different baseball designs and find the best lines that are the easiest to duplicate while still looking good. Although some of the designs looked better, they were complicated and hard to duplicate for five dozen cookies. I ended up doing the simple design of two curved lines. The cookies matched and were cute. They didn’t taste too bad either, according the CPP baseball team :P.

Hey Batter Batter. Baseball Cookies Coming Your Way.
Hey Batter Batter. Baseball Cookies Coming Your Way.

I had a lot of fun making these and was proud to deliver these awesome cookies to the baseball team.


Stay tuned to see where baking and desserts will lead me next.

Always looking for my little piece of heaven,

Julie ♥

*All photos by yours truly 🙂




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