It’s Going to Be May!!

As a SoCal girl, I love the sun, the sand, and the beach. We are so spoiled with this amazing weather (we experience this almost all year round). It feels like summer all the time. With May only one day away, its time to celebrate a new season. The month of May is when spring comes into full bloom.

I stumbled upon an article by Cosmopolitan that shows a cute, new way to easily frost your cupcakes. This inventive decorating technique is a great way to dress up your cupcakes to welcome the month of May and the spring season.

Written by Hannah Petertil from Cosmo, she introduces the use of an ice cream scoop to add a fresh way to present your cupcakes. All these ideas are easy to do and are beautiful designs.

Photos From Hannah Petertil @ Cosmopolitan. Adapted By Julie Hak

Welcome the month with amazing cupcake designs because…


Always looking for my just dessert,

Julie ♥




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