Gateway Cookie

The cookie that started it all.

On one fateful day at age 13, I decided I was going to make cookies. It was as easy as that. I had flour and eggs. Cookie dough needed flour and eggs, right? So I set out to use my limited knowledge of cookies to make something…anything. After ruining our kitchen and three hours of trial and error, I made what I called fingerprint peanut butter cookies. My thumbs were too small to make thumbprint cookies, so I used three fingers to flatten my cookies. They weren’t the best, but my family knew it could only get better from there. I set out to perfect my cookie baking skills, and a few years later, I perfected my “FAMOUS” CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES (both in milk chocolate and white chocolate).

white choco cookies
“Famous” Chocolate Chip Cookies. White Chocolate Edition.

These cookies are the reason why I love to bake. Baking for other people makes me happy, and I get an overwhelming feeling as they bite into the cookie and look at me with pure joy. That look is what makes me bake. It’s an addiction, and I can’t stop. I’m one cookie shy of walking into a room and saying, “Hello. My name is Julie, and I’m an addict.”

In addition to cookies, I’ve baked cakes and cupcakes. I took on the challenge to make a checkered cake. This would be the ultimate death defying dare, as much as baking could be death defying. Checkerboard cakes actually came about from bakers in the late 19th century when they tried to incorporate patterns into their cakes. By the 20th century, bakers had perfected the “checkerboard effect.”

After I watched the video on how to construct a checkered cake, I began this mission. This would be the most complicated and difficult dessert I had ever attempted, and I wouldn’t know if I executed it perfectly until the first slice was served. The complication of the checkers was creating three rings per cake layer and alternating the outer, middle, and center ring with the different colored cakes. My cake featured the green and gold of Cal Poly Pomona and chocolate. Another challenge was icing the rings before placing the inner rings. If the cake wasn’t set correctly, then the cake would crumble.

Since this cake was to celebrate the end of the quarter, I had the brilliant idea of spelling out “Winter ’15” with MINI chocolate chips, not even the regular chips…it just had to be the mini ones. The “W” was finally completed and I immediately regretted this decision, but I was committed.

cpp checkered
“Winter ’15” in Mini Chocolate Chips.

Heart racing, hands shaking, palms sweating, I waited anxiously for the reveal of the first piece. To my relief, it was a pretty perfect slice showcasing the layers of the cake.

CPP Green & Gold and Chocolate layers.

My mind was already running with idea after idea for the next epic baking feat  I could conquer. After all I am practically a baking addict. I just couldn’t stop myself.

Stay tuned to see where baking and desserts will lead me next.

Always looking for my just dessert,

Julie ♥


*All photos by yours truly 🙂



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